Careers with History

This section considers different career paths for history students who move into many different fields, or who wish to pursue academic and academic-related careers.

The first group are those who take a history degree and then build careers in many different fields to the enrichment of society and the economy.  History, like other humanities’ subjects, is under pressure to demonstrate ‘value for money’ and here we offer testimonials and links to demonstrate the invaluable skills that a history degree confers. These can be deployed in a wide range of jobs and careers, and give history graduates the agility to move from one area of expertise to others in the course of a working life. Our aim is to complement the excellent resources available from the Historical Association.

The second group are those who pursue academic and academic-related careers, whether it is working in universities as lecturers, academic researchers, university librarians, or in museums, public engagement and heritage. Posts include the challenges for early career researchers, the journey through probation into a permanent job, career progression and development, within and beyond a HEI in terms of supporting teaching, research and the wider historical community.

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