REF2021 Update – April 2019

Updated Guidance on Submissions and Panel Working Criteria for REF2021.

The UK’s four higher education (HE) funding bodies responsible for delivering the next Research Excellence Framework (REF2021) published their Final Guidance on Submissions and Panel Working Criteria on 31 January 2019.   This was accompanied by a document offering institutions guidance on drafting their Codes of Practice. Continue reading “REF2021 Update – April 2019”

LGBT+ and History in the UK

In the middle of February 2019, as many historians were marking LGBT+ History month, a small team of historians under the aegis of the Royal Historical Society started work on a new investigation, focussing on the experience of LGBT+ historians and on the teaching of LGBT+ histories in UK universities. Continue reading “LGBT+ and History in the UK”

Condemned to Become: the Future of the Past in Berlin

colla prizeMarcus Colla is a final year PhD student at the University of Cambridge. His research looks at the legacy of the Prussian state in communist East Germany. Marcus was awarded the Alexander Prize for 2018 for his article ‘Prussian Palimpsests: Architecture and Urban Spaces in East Germany, 1945-1961,’ Central European History, Vol. 50, (2017), 184-217. Here, he considers how Berlin has dealt with its contested past in its urban landscape. Continue reading “Condemned to Become: the Future of the Past in Berlin”

Mobile Emotions

Dr Katie Barclay won the Royal Historical Society’s 2018 David Berry Prize for her essay on love and friendship amongst lower order men in eighteenth-century Scotland. Here she reflects on the larger project that the essay emerged from and its insights for contemporary academic emotional economies. Continue reading “Mobile Emotions”

New Camden Volume on Elizabethan Family

Jo Ann Hoeppner Moran Cruz describes the extraordinary insights into an Elizabethan family provided in her new volume in our Camden Series of edited primary sources, and how she has used its material in undergraduate teaching and for training graduate students. Continue reading “New Camden Volume on Elizabethan Family”