Black British History: A New IHR Seminar Series

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Race Update | 0 comments

Join us for the first IHR Black British History Seminar on Thursday 23rd January at LSBU. The series: ‘Black British History: Concepts, Geographies, Debates’ encompasses Black British History in all its forms. It takes research from those within and beyond the university to stimulate discussion and challenge the silences and pervasive myths surrounding Black British History. As an antidote to the contemporary political climate, the seminars offer a chance to ground ourselves, whether scholars, activists, artists and heritage practitioners in the dynamic space of Black British History.

The event is free and welcome to all. Details can be found at:

And every month we will continue to engage in discussion on the salient topic of Black British History, whether thinking about archival practice, the visual, newer forms of digital history, radical black Britons or else the social and cultural landscape of what it meant to be black in Britain. It’s a series not to be missed!

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