Creating Public History: a Guide to Co-production and Community Engagement

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About this event

‘Creating Public History: a Guide to Co-production and Community Engagement’ is part in the Royal Historical Society’s series of online training events designed for early career historians. This session was held online in December 2021 and the recording is available above.

In ‘Creating Public History’ we explore the meaning of ‘public history’, and how to design, plan and run a community engagement project. The event brings together experts and practitioners in the field of public history and co-production, from the perspective of academia, archives, charities and community programmes. It seeks to demystify public history: offering practical insights based on experience that you’ll be able to apply in your own work.

Topics for the workshop include: defining public history; designing and managing a successful project; working with diverse participants; and ensuring the legacy and impact of community engagement work, both in and beyond Higher Education.

Projects discussed in the workshop include the St Thomas Way, the East End Women’s MuseumNewington Green Meeting House: Revolutionary Ideas since 1708, and Layers of London. With reference to these projects, the workshop will identify key themes, ideas and recommendations for creating a successful public history project.


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